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Environmental Management Services

a. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Scoping Reports, exemption applications

b. Environmental Risk Assessment, Fatal Flaw Assessment and Due Diligence Studies;

c. Environmental Management Systems (EMS);

d. Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA);

e. Environmental Management Programme Reports;

f. Atmospheric Emission Licence (AEL);

g. Others:

>>> Environmental Management Plans and programmes

>>> Public participation and Community Liaising;

>>> Permits Transfer;

>>> Environmental business plans;

>>> Integrated Development Plans (IDP);

>>> Project Management in developmental projects;

Waste and Water Services

a. Waste Management Licenses (WML);

b. Waste Impact Reports;

c. Integrated Waste Management Plans (IWMPs);

d. Industrial Waste Management Plans (IndWMPs);

e. Site Assessment Reports;

f. Water Use License Applications.

Occupational Health and Safety

a. Risk Assessment Plans/Reports;

b. Emergency Response Plans;

c. Health Inspectors.

Geotechnical Services

a. Geo-hydrological Investigations;

b. Contamination studies (Soil Vapour Survey);

Urban Planning

a. Site/Design Plans;

b. Land Re/zoning.

Agricultural and Horticultural Services

Services Offered By Funani EMS

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